What are Tickets in Client Portal?

Tickets allow you to initiate conversations, seek assistance, provide feedback, or address any concerns related to your project, all within the webdew Client Portal.

How to Access the Tickets Section?

  • To access the Tickets section, start by logging into your webdew Client Portal account.
  • Once logged in, navigate to the main menu and find the "Tickets" tab.
  • Click on it to enter the Tickets section, where you'll find a comprehensive overview of your active and past tickets.

Creating a New Ticket

  • To create a new ticket, simply click on the "Create New Ticket" button within the Tickets section.
  • This will open a ticket creation form, allowing you to provide specific details related to your inquiry or request.
  • Fill in the required fields, including the ticket subject, category, and a detailed description of your query or concern.

Attaching Files and Supporting Documents

  • If you have any files or documents that are relevant to your ticket, such as screenshots, error logs, or additional information, you can easily attach them to provide our team with more context.

Tracking and Managing Tickets

  • Once your ticket is submitted, you will receive a confirmation message along with a unique ticket ID. 
  • You can revisit the Tickets section within the Client Portal to view the status and progress of your ticket, ensuring transparency and allowing you to stay informed.