Video Review guidelines for webdew clients

Submitted by: Divya

Thanks for being our valuable customer.

This is great timing because we’re working on growing our video testimonials for webdew. I would love to feature your company and project on our website home page. For which we need a Video review. 

For your reference, we have prepared a guideline document that can help you going forward.

  • Easy one: Take your Smartphone and start recording.
  • Setup a picture frame in your camera, referring below. 

(Refer to the below screenshot)


  • Settle in one place to start the recording, and it’s recommended if your brand logo is visible in the shot.
  • Now you can start with your introduction and a brief idea about your company and your product.
  • Answer as many questions (own choice) from the list below:
  1. For what projects/services did your company hire webdew?
  2. How did you select webdew and why? 
  3. For what projects/services did your company hire webdew, and what were your goals? (Challenges/ Opportunity) 
  4. What was the team composition?
  5. Can you share any outcomes/ results from the project that demonstrate progress or success?
  6. How effective was the workflow between your team and webdew?
  7. What did you find most impressive about this company?
  8. How likely is it that you would recommend webdew to a friend and colleague?
  9. You are free to add your thoughts in the video. 

To get more updates, you can have a look at the below added client review-

Thank you so much for going through the document. We really appreciate your effort and support and look forward to working with you again in the future!