Time Doctor (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I access Time Doctor's Client account?

1. How I can login into the Time Doctor to see the work report?

Answer : You will be provided Time doctor's client's account credentials. By clicking on this link  you can login in to your account and can access it easily.

Client account2. How Can I see the work report on Time Doctor?

Answer :  Once you have logged in to the Time Doctor Client account. You would be able to see Screen like the below image.
When you click on the work report button you can see the total work done by the personnel on the report  dashboard.

Time Doctor

3. How Can I see screenshots on the Time Doctor?

Answer: When you click on the screenshot button beneath work report button you would able to see the screenshot of users.


4. How Can I select users on Time Doctor?

Answer: On the top left of your Time doctor account you can see the tab for all user.  Once you click there then you would get the option to select the users. After selecting users you can see the  work report respectively.Users

5. How can I see monthly work report of users.

Answer: On the top right corner you can see the tab for Day, Month, Date Range.
You can select one of them and choose your date to see the report.

Date range