Clear Banner Module | Theme

Banner Module is used on the Home Page or the First Fold of any main page on your Website. Banner Module is entirely customizable and highly editable without touching the single line of code.

Watch the video below, where you can learn how to customize and edit the Clear banner module.

General Settings:  In the General settings of banner, you can  adjust  the alignment /spacing and background.


Alignment and Spacing :  In the alignment and spacing setting, you can change the Content Alignment, margin and padding.


Background :  In this setting you get the  privilege to choose the background type,  image, image size and image alignment.


Content Settings: In content settings, you can  add the heading and the description of the slider.

Text Editing: Here you can change the text, font-color, font-size, and other font settings. 


Following Style settings we have:-
- Adjust the content alignment
- Change the padding and margin
- Choose the text transformation
- Choose the background type
- Change the banner text.

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