What are Subscriptions on the webdew Client Portal?

Subscriptions on the webdew Client Portal are your active service plans and offerings that you have chosen to subscribe to.

When you access the Subscriptions section on your Client Portal dashboard, you will find a comprehensive overview of your subscribed services:

  • Subscription ID: Each subscription is assigned a unique ID for easy identification and reference.

  • Service: This column displays the name or description of the service you have subscribed to.

  • Started: The "Started" column shows the date when your subscription was initiated or started.

  • Next Payment: Here, you can view the date of your upcoming payment for the subscription.

  • Status: The "Status" column indicates the current status of your subscription, such as active, pending, or expired.

If you wish to make any changes to your subscription, simply click on the corresponding Subscription ID. This will direct you to a detailed view where you can access additional options and perform actions related to that specific subscription.


To access your Subscriptions and explore the various options available, log in to your webdew Client Portal and navigate to the Subscriptions section.