How you can set a priority for your Chatflows in HubSpot

HubSpot allows you to create multiple chats to display on various pages on your website. If you create two chatflows that target the same page URL, you can decide which chatflow should have the priority and display on the page instead of the other. For example, you have two chatflows:
  • Chatflow X is a general chatflow that greets visitors and appears when the website URL contains
  • Chatflow Y is tailored to visitors who are ready to buy and appears when the website URL is
With these rules, Chatflow X will always appear, even on If you want Chatflow Y to appear on the pricing page regardless of Chatflow X's targeting rule, move Chatflow Y to the top priority. Chatflow Y's targeting rule will then take priority and will display when a visitor is on Chatlfow X will display on all other pages that contain

Set Chatflow priority


  • Go to Conversations > Chatflows in your HubSpot account.
  • See Chatflow's priority list on the left side of the column. Click and drag a chatflow to another location to reorder.
  • To change the priority for a chatflow, hover over the chatflow name, click the dropdown  More and select Move to top priority or Move to bottom priority.