Google Analytics Setup [GA4] - Scope of Work

This project aims to set up and configure Google Analytics [GA4] for your business website. Implementing GA4 will enable you to gather valuable insights and data about your website's performance, user behavior, and marketing efforts.


The scope of this project is to connect your website with the latest Google Analytics Setup [GA4]. The project will involve setting up and configuring tracking through the website, Google Tag Manager, and integrating with Google Ads and LinkedIn conversions.


By connecting your website with GA4, you will be able to track and measure various metrics, including website traffic, conversions, user engagement, and campaign performance.


The purpose of this project is to enable you to make informed decisions based on the data collected through Google Analytics [GA4]. 


  1. Data-driven decision-making
  2. Comprehensive tracking
  3. Enhanced user segmentation
  4. Cross-platform insights
  5. Improved campaign performance

Note: To move ahead with the setup, please provide your Google Analytics access to us at:


The deliverables for this project include:

  1. Setup and configuration of Google Analytics [GA4] tracking on your website.
  2. Integration of Google Tag Manager to facilitate easier management and implementation of tracking codes.
  3. Integration with Google Ads to track campaign performance and optimize your advertising efforts.
  4. Integration with LinkedIn conversions to track and measure the impact of LinkedIn advertising on your website.
  5. Verification and testing to ensure accurate data tracking and reporting.

Delivery Time:

The estimated delivery time for this project is 5 hours. Please note that this is a rough estimate and may vary depending on the complexity of your website and specific requirements.