How you can send stopped marketing emails in HubSpot

Sometimes HubSpot's email protection system may stop your marketing emails automatically. The system stops emails if the email has a high percentage of hard bounces, spam reports, or unsubscribes from your recipients. These events can spoil your email sending reputation and make your emails land straight to spam.

Resend your stopped email manually

Complete the following steps before resending your email to protect your sending reputation:

  1. Confirm that your list is OK to email with HubSpot. 
  2. Ensure to import all of your opt-out lists from other email systems into HubSpot.
  3. Eliminate any contacts from this list who have not received any email from you in over six months.
    • Create an active list using the criteria Contact property | Last email send date | is more than 26 weeks ago and eliminate the list from each of your email sends.

Resend your stopped email automatically


When the HubSpot system stops your emails, you will receive a notification regarding the same. In that notification only, click the Send to remaining engaged contacts button to send a clone of your original email to any remaining recipients who have received, opened, or clicked one of your emails, or opted in through a form submission. Clicking this button will redirect you to the email editor of the clone of your original email that was stopped. This email clone will contain a new exclusion list in the recipients section to ensure that any unengaged contacts are eliminated automatically when you re-send the message.