Schema app installation guide

Steps to use Schema App

Setting up the Schema integration with HubSpot would take only a couple of minutes and requires no coding.

NOTE: Users must log in to webdew apps with the same email address that they are using in HubSpot.


Our schema tool assists search engines in better understanding your web pages and enables you to outperform your competition on SERP.

Installation Steps :

  • Navigate to the APP Marketplace in your HubSpot portal and search for the “Schema” app.

  • Click on Connect App button to install the app.

  • After clicking on the connect app, the user will be redirected to the official webdew site.

  • Click on the login button.

Go to Marketplace > App Marketplace 


Enter and search:  Schema - webdew


Click on the name Schema - webdew.
Below page will be opened:


Click the link :


Users can log in with their social accounts or can register to a webdew account and then sign in.


You will be redirected to the home page of webdew apps. Click on the install now button of the "Schema" to create the subscription for the app in order to buy the product.


You can also install the Schema from the sidebar menu - install option.


You can choose recurring payment monthly or yearly subscription plans.


Fill out the required details and click on the pay button.
You can add coupons - promotion codes as well if available.


After successful payment, the app will get installed in your HubSpot account, and you will be logged in, and after your portal is verified, you will be redirected to



After the subscription is completed & the app is installed, a message will be displayed like this:


If you want to cancel the subscription, you can do it from here:


When you cancel the subscription, a message will be displayed like this & you will not be able to access the app:


If your logged in user-email on the does not match the HubSpot website user-email, then you will not be able to install the application even if you have made the payment / or created a subscription:


Connected apps in HubSpot



After installing the app, you need to navigate to the settings page in your Webdew Apps Dashboard.

There you will get all the available domains connected to your HubSpot account.


Select the domains associated with your HubSpot account:


After you have selected your domain, the details of the template will be displayed associated with your domain :

  1. You can view your template.

  2. You can add scripts to your template’s head section.


Enter the script tags from here that you want to add to your website/template’s head section:


Check your website/template’s  head section, check if the script has been added there or not, you can do this by using -

1) inspect element

2) view page source

—---- by inspect element


—----- by view page source


Schema Release Notes

Release notes are displayed in descending order from the most recent release to the oldest. Known Issues are listed with the most recent release.

Version 1.0.2  Release

Released April 2023.

New And Noteworthy

  1. Email notification.

Changes In Functionality

  1. The users will be notified of the installation and cancellation of the application.
  2. The users will get an email before the renewal of the application.

Closed Issues

There are no Closed Issues in this release.

Version 1.0.0 Release

Released April 2022.

New And Noteworthy

  1. New Dashboard is installed for the User interface for a better User-Friendly experience.
  2. Monthly & Yearly Subscription plans are available.
  3. The payment is non-refundable.