Release Notes: Version 13, dew Pro Theme

The list of features updated in the version 13 release

Dew Social Follow Updates:

  1. Customization Options for Social Icons

    1. Upload Custom Icons

    2. Icon Styling Options

    3. Icon Shape Configuration

    4. Icon Width Control

    2.  Pricing Table Enhancements:

    1. Pricing Text Customization
      1. Pricing Per Year Text
      2. Feature List Appearance
      3. Different Price Feature List
      4. LHS Toggle Feature List
      5. RHS Toggle Feature List:

      2. Custom Class Addition

      Dew Button Updates:

      Additional Button Options:

      1.  Button Customization
      2. Style Options

      Dew Accordion Updates:

      1. Spacing Options
      2. Shadow and Border Radius 
      • Add shadow settings with color options and border radius options for icon styling.

       3. Content Display

      • Define content to be displayed when clicking anywhere on the FAQ, providing a smoother user experience.

      Dew Tabs Enhancements:

      Tab Customization Options:

      1.  Icon Choices
      2.  Text Styling
      3. Additional Features
      4. Animation and Spacing Controls

      Dew Testimonial Updates

       Review Badge Addition:

      1. Review Badge Image

      These updates aim to provide users with increased customization options, improved styling, and additional features for a more tailored and visually appealing website. Upgrade now to experience these enhancements firsthand!