Release Notes: Version 12, dew Pro Theme

The list of features updated in the version 12 release


With this version update, we have made some changes to the modules by updating and removing some while introducing new ones. Additionally, we have included new templates for website pages, landing pages, and blog pages.

Updated Modules

Our custom module has been updated to meet the latest requirements. This update includes the addition of a styling facility to the style tab, as well as various improvements to functionality. These changes make it easier to reuse the modules for various layouts.

We have renamed the modules as per the new names mentioned below:

Newly Added Modules

We have added some new custom modules to enhance our existing theme.

  • Dew Blog Post Form
  • Dew Blog Rss Listing
  • Dew Countdown Timer
  • Dew Custom Image
  • Dew Social Follow
  • Dew Tabs
  • Dew Testimonial
  • Dew Ultra Rich Text

Depreciated modules

We have replaced some of the old modules with newly developed ones that have the same capabilities to create the same structures and styles as the outdated modules.

  • Landing Page Four Cards
  • Map
  • Our Team Card
  • Product Card
  • Rating And Award

Newly Added Templates
We have recently added new custom modules and have also increased the number of templates available for website pages, landing pages, and blog templates to showcase these new functionalities.

Website Page Templates

  • Homepage One
  • Homepage Two
  • Homepage Three
  • Homepage Four
  • Homepage Five
  • Homepage Six
  • Homepage Seven
  • Career Page
  • Service Page
  • Product Page
  • Faq Page
  • Resource Page

Landing Page Templates

  • Landing Page Two
  • Landing Page Three
  • Landing Page Four
  • Landing Page Five

Blog Page Templates

  • Blog Listing Two
  • Blog Listing Three
  • Blog Listing Four

Note:- We have also added respective blog post detail page templates of respective blog listing templates.