Release Notes: Version 11, Rich Tabs Module

The list of features updated in the version 11 release

Tab's Title Features

  • Add Text 
  • Add Icon
  • Change Icon's Position

Tab's Content Features

  • Content types available include an image, video, text, or text and image.
  • Upload Images
  • If a video is selected, users can add a video and access advanced settings.
  • Text Formatting
  •  Add heading text
  • List items
  • Multiline content
  • Buttons
  • Images.

Styles Features

  • Layout Orientation
  •  Icon's inactive color & active color
  • Icon's width
  • Title's inactive color, active color, and font size.
  • Border to the title with style as left, top, below, box, width, inactive color, and active color.
  • Spacing to manage margin and padding
  • Set the background color for inactive and active states.
  • Users can also add a shadow effect to the title.

Content Styling

  • Customize the text's heading color
  • List item color, description color, and list item spacing.
  • Customize the icon's color
  • Button's background, border, text color, spacing
  • Text transformation as Uppercase, Capitalize, and Lowercase.
  • Add background hover color
  • Add text hover color for buttons