Release Notes: Version 9, Rich Video Module

The list of features updated in the version 9 release

  1. Single Column
    1.     Video Source
      1.         HubSpot Video including advanced features
      2.         Youtube video including video URL and thumbnail settings
      3.         Wistia video including video id and thumbnail settings
      4.         Vimeo video including video id and thumbnail settings
  2. Thumbnail Settings includes
    1.     Thumbnail Image
    2.     Image or SVG code for play icon
    3.     Play icon
    4.     SVG code
    5.     Play icon background colour
    6.     Play icon hover colour

  3.    Multiple Column
      1. Columns per row including 2, 3, and 4 videos per row
      2.     Option to add more videos
      3.     All options including single column
  4.  Play icon and text settings
    1.     Image or SVG code for play icon
    2.     Play image
    3.     SVG code
    4.     Watch video text
    5.     Text colour
    6.     Video URL
    7.     Play icon Background Colour
    8.     Play icon hover colour
  5. General Styling
    1.     Width to control max width
    2.     Height to control max-height 
    3.     Alignment to aligned left centre and right
    4.     Spacing including padding and margin control
    5.     Add border boolean to add a border and its style including width and colour
    6.     Corner edge
    7.     Add Shadow
    8.     Add Overlay including colour and opacity options
    9.     Play icon width 
    10.     Play icon position to control alignment from top