Order Statuses in the webdew Client Portal

The webdew Client Portal utilizes default order statuses to streamline your order management process and provide transparency. These statuses serve as progress indicators, enabling you to effectively track your orders.

Here are the default order statuses:

  1. Pending: The "Pending" status indicates that you, as the client, have not yet provided the necessary project information. Please ensure that you fill out the required details to initiate the order process.

  2. Submitted: Once you have provided the necessary project information, the order transitions to the "Submitted" status. This indicates that the order is ready for the service provider to start working on it.

  3. Working: The "Working" status indicates that the order is currently in progress. The service provider is actively working on fulfilling your order, ensuring all requirements are met according to your specifications.

  4. Complete: When the service provider has successfully delivered the order, it will be marked as "Complete." This status signifies that the order has been fulfilled and is ready for your review or use.

  5. Cancelled: In certain situations, an order may need to be cancelled. The "Cancelled" status indicates that the order has been terminated or refunded, and no further work will be carried out on it.