How you can optimize your email for mobile devices

You can optimize your email templates and content for mobile devices and can also preview your HubSpot email on different device types.

    Use a responsive email template

    All the templates in HubSpot drag-and-drop are responsive by default. This means the content adjusts to fit the screen on which it's viewed. HubSpot also adds a max-width to images in the content editor.

    If you want to create a coded email template in HubSpot, make sure to use responsive email template markup. A responsive email template from the Template Marketplace can also be purchased.

    Reduce image file sizes

    Sometimes, download speeds on mobile devices are slower than on desktop. Try to use smaller image files to decrease email load time. HubSpot automatically resizes the images that include a width attribute in a <img> tag. 

    Increase the size of links and CTA buttons

    Your content should be large enough to be read clearly on a mobile device. To ensure your subscribers can see and click on your content clearly, make sure any text links and CTA buttons are taller and wider than 57x57 pixels.

    Preview your email on mobile devices

    You can preview your email before sending it to your lists that what it will look like across different clients and devices.

    In the HubSpot email editor, click the Checkmark in the left sidebar pane to test your email in other email clients. Select the desired email clients in the Mobile section and click Test my email now to generate previews of what your email will look like in those clients.