How you can manage your marketing email account settings

Review your email settings before sending your first email so that you get the most out of HubSpot's email features.

To manage marketing email account setting

  • Click the settings icon from the main navigation bar of your HubSpot account.
  • Go to Marketing Email in the left sidebar menu.
  • Marketing email settings include:
    • Configuration
    • Subscriptions
    • Subscription Types
    • Tracking
    • SMTP


In Configuration, you can set your default email size, colours, and email footer information.




Email footer contains the physical address of your business. This information will be automatically included in the footer of all your marketing emails. The following fields are needed to send marketing emails:

  • Office location name
  • Company name
  • Address
  • City
  • State



Here you can edit the width and padding of your email body in the Size section. The sizes that you set here will apply to all marketing emails that you'll be creating in HubSpot.



Here you can select the default fonts used in your marketing emails. Use the dropdown menus to choose your primary and secondary font, font size, and colour.



Select the default colors for your email body, border, and select favorite colors. These colors will be available in the email editor and any other rich text module. 


RSS email date format 

  • Click the dropdown  Language for dates to select a language for the dates listed at the top of the RSS emails.
  • Click the dropdown RSS email date format and select a date format to select a date format for the RSS email.


Default values for personalization

Here you can set your global defaults for contact and company personalization tokens.

  • Click Edit defaults
  • In the new box, search for and select a property, then enter a default value.
  • Click Save


From Subscriptions, you can manage your email preference page templates and marketing email subscription settings.



Subscription page preferences

Click the dropdown and select the template that you want to use for the subscription pages, then click Edit page to edit the selected template.

  • Subscription preferences page: the page where contacts manage their opt-in status for the email subscription types.
  • Unsubscribe backup page: the page displayed when the visitor to the unsubscribe page isn't recognized as a contact.
  • Subscription update confirmation page: the page your contacts see after they update their subscription preferences.


Don't send to unengaged contacts

This will uses data from the previous email campaigns to eliminate contacts who haven't been opening and clicking your marketing emails. 

Click to toggle the Don't send to unengaged contacts switch on.


Resubscription email

This setting will allow contacts that previously opted out of all emails to manage their email subscription preferences on any HubSpot form. 

  • Create and publish your resubscription email:
    • Click Edit email.
    • You'll be redirected to the email editor for the resubscribe email. Edit the email. 
    • After editing the email, click Next.
    • Enter an Internal email name and select the Campaign.
    • Review the mail before publishing.
    • Click Publish to make the email live, and you'll be redirected back to the email settings.
  • Click to toggle the Resubscription email switch on, then click Save.


Compliance copy email

Enabling this setting will allow you to automatically send a compliance copy email to a recipient. This feature is available for organizations required to evaluate all outgoing messages for compliance to standards set by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


Double opt-in

Double opt-in setting adds a follow-up email confirmation step to verify new contacts created via forms. Enabling this feature will improve email deliverability because all new contacts verify their email is correct and authenticate that they want to hear from you.

Subscription Types

Email subscription types summarize the type of content your subscribers will receive when they choose to opt-in. Marketing Information email subscription type is there in your account by default. To create a new subscription type:

  • Click Create subscription type.
  • Enter a name and description for the subscription type.
  • Click Create.


Measure the performance of your email sends using HubSpot tracking. You can turn off link tracking in your emails, but this will affect the accuracy of your data.

  • Track email opens: toggle the switch on to find out how many recipients open your emails by tracking email opens. If you turn this setting off, you won't be able to see how many people opened your email or be able to track clicks in your email.
  • Track clicks: Track how many times each link in your email is clicked. You can choose to track links in HTML, plain text emails, or both. If you turn this setting off, you will not be able to track clicks on links in your emails.
  • Click tracking domain: Links in your email are customized to reference your HubSpot domain. This improves your sender reputation and deliverability results. Click Manage domains to connect a different domain.
  • Source tracking: Source tracking identifies the origin of traffic to your website by adding tags to your email links to ensure proper source attribution.
  • Identity Tracking: Identity tracking recognizes contacts that have visited your site before and can track their page views and site activity. If you turn this off, you won't be able to associate the activity with your contacts.


On the SMTP tab, you can learn more about the transactional email add-on. Customers who have purchased the add-on can view and manage their transactional email tokens here.