How you can manage Workflow settings in HubSpot

In your workflow's settings, you can manage the time when an action should execute, set un-enrollment criteria, add associated campaigns, 

  • Go to Workflows in your HubSpot account.
  • Click the name of a workflow.
  • In the workflow editor, click the Settings tab.


In the section, you can manage the days and times that actions can execute.

Set times for actions to execute

  • By default, the action is set at Anytime. Workflow actions will execute as soon as an enrolled record reaches the action. 
  • To specify the day and time actions can take place, Select Specific times.
    • Select a day from the dropdown and then specify the time range for actions to execute.
  • Click + Add hours to add more action execution times.
  • To pause the actions from executing for specific dates, click + Add days and set the date. You can add multiple dates by clicking + Add days.
  • Once you are done with the settings, click Save

Associate workflow with a HubSpot campaign

Click the dropdown Campaigns associated with and select a campaign name.

Unenrollment and suppression for companies, deals, quotes, and tickets

Unenrollment and suppression setting enables you to control which records enroll and when. In company, deal, quote, and ticket-based workflows, you can set the criteria that unenrolls active records and also prevent them from enrolling or re-enrolling.

Set unenrollment criteria 

  • Click Set unenrollment triggers of a company, deal, quote, or ticket-based workflow.
  • Click Set unenrollment triggers in the right panel. Select a  filter type, search and select the criteria and then click Apply filter.
  • You can add more unenrollment, then click Save.

Unenrollment and suppression for contact-based workflows remove enrolled contacts from other workflows

  • Do not remove them from other workflows: contacts will remain enrolled in other workflows.
  • Remove them from all other workflows: once the contact is enrolled in this workflow, they will be removed from all other workflows.
  • Remove them from a specific workflow: once the contact is enrolled in this workflow, they will be removed from the workflow that you will select here from the dropdown menu. Click the Remove them from specific workflows, click the dropdown Choose the workflow, and choose the workflows.

Remove contacts that no longer meet enrollment criteria

This setting determines whether a contact will be removed if they no longer meet the enrollment criteria while enrolled.

  • No, keep them in this workflow is selected by default.
  • Select Yes, remove them from this workflow to remove contacts when they no longer meet the starting enrollment criteria.

Allow merged contacts to enroll

By default, the merged contacts won't be enrolled in the workflows, but can be enrolled in the future if they meet the criteria again.

  • Select Yes to set your workflow to enroll contacts that qualify at the time of merging

Add a suppression list

In contact-based workflows, click the dropdown Suppression lists for this workflow select a list of contacts that you don't want enrolled in the workflow.