How you can manage your HubSpot user profile and preferences

HubSpot allows you to manage your personal account preferences. You can change your language, home page, and CRM communication settings. 

To manage account preferences:

  • Click the dropdown next to your profile picture in the top right corner.
  • Click Profile & Preferences.

User name and avatar

Only a user himself can change the first and last name. You cannot make edits to other users' names, even if you have the Add and edit users permission. 

To change your user name

  • Click the pencil icon next to your name.
  • Edit the First name and Last name.
  • Click Save
To change your avatar
  • Click your current avatar, then select from the options:
    • Upload image: Click to upload a new image from your computer. Then select your image and adjust the image size so that it fits in the circle. Click Save.
    • Gravatar photo: Click to use a Gravatar photo. 
    • Remove image: Click to remove the current avatar image.

Language Date & number format and Phone number

  • Language: click the dropdown and select the language that you want your displays in HubSpot's user interface. 
  • Date & number format: click the dropdown and select the region to change the date and number format.
  • Phone number: enter the phone number which will be used for workflow SMS notifications, security events, and owner property values.

Settings for the current account

You can view your current access permissions and change your default home page.

  • Access: You can view the tools that you have the access to. It is based on your user permissions.
  • Default home page: click the dropdown and select a product area. 

CRM email signature and unsubscribe link

  • Signature: set your CRM email signature here. Click Edit signature.
  • Include a link to unsubscribe from all emails: click the toggle Include a link to unsubscribe from all emails switch on to include a link to unsubscribe from all emails
    • Select the radio button to the text that will display in your unsubscribe link.


When you are conversing with a website visitor in the conversations inbox, you can select a meeting link to appear in the chat widget.

Show meetings link: click the toggle to switch on and then click the dropdown Choose meeting link and select your preferred meeting link.