Social Follow Module

All you need to know about the Social Follow module and how to use it.

With the introduction of the new module "Social Follow", you can enhance your website's social presence with the Dew Social Follow module. Display your social media profiles in an appealing and dynamic format, making it simple for your visitors to connect with you on various platforms.


Social Follow's Content Features

  • Section Heading:- Users can add section section heading text .

Social Links

  • Social Accounts:- The module provides the option to choose between default social icon and custom image to upload new image.
  • Social Links:- Option to add link of the social icon along with adding option to open link in new window.

Social Follow's Style Features

  • Size:- Adjust size of the icon.
  • Corner:- Adjust value to control the border radius of the icon.
  • Spacing:- Adjust padding and margin of the icon.
  • Alignment:- Option to align horizontally left, center or right.
  • Color:- Option to add normal color, hover color, background color and background hover color.
  • Shapes:- Option to choose between circle and box in order to display layout.
  • Width Control:- Option to adjust width of the icon.