Post Filter Module

Blog filter module has a really simple and easy-to-use interface. It can filter your blog posts according to tags, months and authors.

Top Heading Text:- Here you can add heading text which will appear on top of this module

Choose Between Default or Custom Blog:- Here you can choose between default blog which is currently running on your portal and the custom blog 

Select blog to display:- Here you can select from the list of blog that were created on your portal.

List of values for filter links:- Here you can select blog posts according to tags, months and authors from the given dropdown.

Ordering of values for filter links:-Here you can select between the post count and name for showing the number of posts.

Maximum number of filter values to display:- Here you can add the number of post filter to be displayed.

Text to display if more than the maximum value to display are available:- Here this will act as a button and it will displayed if the maximum count to display filter will increase.

Spacing:- Here you can have controlls over the changing of padding as well margin from all sides, this option is available on style tab of respective module.