List Items Module

The List items module offers you an easy way to shape list items into beautiful designs with optional headings, content, and list marker icons

List items
Here richtext option is given to add list items  in the form of heading and description as per your requirements 

List items style
you can create four type of list items
Normal:- In this type of list item no any bullets or image will be shown before list
Auto Increment:- In this type of list item a number will be automatically added before list items, this number will automatically increase with increase of list items
Color Bullet:- In this type of list item a bullets point will added before list
List Icon:- In this type of list item an icon will be added where you will get option to change icon as per requirements

Spacing Between list items:- here you can control space between list items and icon coming before list items.

Style Options

Spacing:- Here you can control the spacing settings for each list items
Background option:- Here you can choose between background image and background color
Border radius:- Here you can control corner edge from all corner
Box Shadow:- Here optionis given to add box shadow  including turning it on or off
color option is given for bullet as well as list items