Release Notes: Version 4, Custom Image

The list of features updated in the version 4 release

    1. Type: Users can now choose from various image types such as Normal, Curved, Masked, Flip Out, Lightbox and Text on Image.
    2. Border Style: Users can now choose from various border styles such as Curved Top, Curved Bottom,
    3. Masking: Users can choose from various masking effects like Hexagonal Mask, Pill Mask, Curved Top Mask, Honeycomb Mask, Designer Mask, Quote Mask, Blob Style 1 Mask, Blob Style 2 Mask, Backslash Mask, Picturesque Mask &  Custom style.
    4. Flip Style: Users can now choose from Normal, Horizontal and Vertically Flip styles.
    5. Image Lightbox: Users can now enable the lightbox feature on images.
    6. Text on Image Settings: Users can now add text on images with options to add text colour, text background colour, overlay colour, caption and caption styling, title and lazy load.
    7. Image Clickable: Users can make images clickable with a general style option.
    8. Image Alignment: Users can now align images as per their preference.
    9. Hover Effect: Users can now add hover effects to images.
    10. Image Animation: Users can now add animation effects to images.
    11. Shadow: Users can now add shadows to images.
    12. Spacing Settings: Users can now control the spacing of images.
    13. Visibility Controls: Users can now control the visibility of images for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
Update Released on Jan 19, 2023