Rich Video Module

All you need to know about the Rich Video module and how to use it.

The Rich Video Module is a powerful tool that allows you to easily add videos to your website, landing pages or blog. It offers a wide range of features that make it easy to customize the look and feel of your videos, so they match your brand and website style.

In this article, we'll discuss the features of the Rich Video Module, including layouts, video sources, thumbnail settings, play icon and text settings, and general styling.


  • The Rich Video Module offers three different layouts:
    1. Single column
    2. Multiple columns
    3. Play icon with text
  • The single-column layout allows you to display one video at a time.
  • The multiple-column layout lets you display two, three, or four videos per row.
  • The play icon with text layout enables you to display a video with a play icon and text overlaid on it.


Video Sources

  • The Rich Video Module supports multiple video sources, including:
    1. HubSpot Video
    2. YouTube
    3. Wistia
    4. Vimeo
  • You can add videos from any of these sources by entering the video URL or ID.
  • HubSpot Video offers advanced features like:
    1. Lead capture forms
    2. Custom CTAs (Call-to-Actions)
    3. Analytics
  • HubSpot Video is an excellent choice for businesses that want to generate leads through video.

Thumbnail Settings

  • The thumbnail settings in the Rich Video Module provide options to customize the look of your video thumbnails.
  • You can either choose a pre-existing thumbnail image or upload your own image to use as the thumbnail.
  • You can also add a play icon to your thumbnail by uploading an image or using SVG code.
  • The background colour and hover colour of the play icon can be customized as well.

Multiple Column Play Icon and Text Settings

  • The multiple-column layout in the Rich Video Module allows you to add a play icon and text to your videos.
  • You can upload an image or use SVG code to create the play icon.
  • The colour of the text can be customized to fit your brand's aesthetic.
  • Additionally, you can customize the video URL and the background colour of the play icon to match the overall look and feel of your website or application.

General Styling

  • The Rich Video Module provides a variety of styling options to customize the appearance of your videos.
  • You can control the width and height of the video, as well as choose from different alignment options such as left, centre, or right.
  • Spacing around the video can also be adjusted with padding and margin settings.
  • Border control settings allow you to change the colour, width, and style of the video's border, and corner edge and shadow control can also be adjusted.
  • You can customize the play icon's width and position, as well as control the colour and opacity of an overlay if desired.