Accordion Module

All you need to know about the Accordion module and how to use it.

The Accordion Module for HubSpot CMS is an easy-to-use content module that allows users to create engaging, interactive FAQ sections or accordions on their website. With this module, users can create dynamic, multi-level accordion content that provides visitors with quick, easy access to the information they’re looking for.

Content Settings

  • Top Heading Settings
    • General Settings tab
      • Customize the look and feel of the top heading
      • Change the alignment, colour, and spacing of the top heading
  • Question Group
    • Manage a group of questions in a single panel
    • Add questions and answers
    • Add display filters

Style Settings

The FAQ/Accordion Module provides users with the following style settings:

  • Question Group
    • Create question groups to categorize questions and answers
    • Add new questions and answers to each group
    • Create a filter to display only certain groups of questions
  • General Settings
    • Customize the top heading, including alignment, colour, and spacing
    • Create a unique and visually appealing FAQ section
  • Question Settings
    • Choose colour and spacing for each individual question
    • Customize colour and spacing settings for each individual answer
  • Answer Settings
    • Customize colour and spacing options for each answer
    • Ensure text is easy to read and matches the website design
  • Add Border
    • Add a border to each question and answer
    • Choose border style, width, colour, and corner edge
    • Create a clean and organized FAQ section with a professional appearance
  • Icon Settings
    • Customize the plus icon used to expand and collapse each question
    • Choose icon colour, alignment, and background colour
    • Choose a rotation option for the icon when the answer is open, with options ranging from 0 degrees to 360 degrees.
With these new features and customization options, businesses can create an intuitive and visually appealing FAQ section that meets the needs of their website visitors. We hope that this updated FAQ module will help businesses provide relevant information to their customers and prospects more efficiently and effectively.