Delete contacts that hard bounced on marketing emails|HubSpot

Create a list of contacts who have hard bounced on your past marketing emails to manage unengaged contacts. Any contact that has been unbounced in your account will not be included in the hard bounced list.

Review the list to ensure you're deleting the correct contacts, and then permanently remove these contacts from your account.

Create an active list of bounced contacts


  • Go to Contacts > Lists in your HubSpot account.
  • Click Create list.
  • Enter a name for the list on the top. 
  • Click the dropdown and select Active list
  • Select the criteria for bounced contacts on the left side:
    • Select Contact properties.
    • Search and select Email hard bounce reason.
    • Select is known if you want to include bounced contacts of all types. To view only bounced contacts of a specific reason, select is any of and in the dropdown, select the reasons you want to view.
  • Click Save.
  • Once the contacts populate, you can delete them

Create a static list of bounced contacts


  • Go to Marketing > Email in your HubSpot account.
  • Click the dropdown Email bounce tools in the left sidebar: 
    • Select Create list of hard bounced contacts to create a new list of hard bounced contacts.
    • If there is an existing list of contacts that you want to delete, select Add hard bounced contacts to existing list. To create a static list of contacts that opted out of all marketing emails, create a new static list where the contact property Unsubscribed from all email is equal to True.
  • In the new box, customize your hard bounced contact list:
    • List name: enter a name for your list.
    • Hard bounce reasons: click the dropdown to modify the bounce types included in this list. All hard bounce types are selected by default. 
    • Time period: select the time period for the sent marketing emails included in your list. Only contacts that have hard bounced on emails sent during the selected time period will be included.  
    • Click Create list
    • Once the list has processed, select the checkbox in the header row to select all contacts on the first page of your list. Click Select all to select all contacts in the list.
    • Click the dropdown More, then select Delete to delete these contacts. 
    • Enter the number of contacts you're deleting, then click Delete.