How you can create smart forms in HubSpot

In HubSpot, by creating a smart form, you can change an entire form depending on the website visitor and their viewer characteristics. The smart rules can be based on the following criteria types:

  • Country: display content to the viewer based on their country. The country is determined by visitor's IP address.
  • Device type: define which device the smart content is centered around (mobile, tablet, or desktop).
  • Referral source: show the smart content to the visitors based on how they discovered your site.
  • Preferred language: personalize the content based on the language set within the user's web browser.
  • Contact list membership: show a contact present in your HubSpot database, certain content depending on whether or not they're a member of one of your HubSpot lists.
  • Lifecycle stage: display the relevant content based on the lifecycle stage property of a contact in your HubSpot database

Create a smart form on landing page or website page

  • Go to the landing pages or website pages in your HubSpot account. 
  • Hover over an existing page and click Edit.
  • Click the form module in the content editor.
  • Click +Add smart rule in the left panel. 
  • Click the dropdown Show different content based on and select the criteria to base your smart content rules on, in the right panel.
  • In the Smart rules section, click + Add smart rule.
  • Configure the smart rules. To add another smart rule, click + Add smart rule
  • Click Save.
  • Edit your form options in the left panel. Use the dropdown Editing for to configure the form for each smart rule.
  • Once finished editing, click Apply changes.
  • Click Publish in the upper right, to take your changes live.