How you can create, draft, schedule and publish social posts in HubSpot

Create and Edit Social Posts

  • Go to Marketing > Social in your HubSpot account. 
  • Click Create social post in the upper right.  
  • Select the social network where you want to publish your social post. You can publish social posts to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.
  • Once you finished creating the content of your post, you can select additional networks to publish the post.
    • Enter the content for your social post in the text box.
    • Click the Image icon to insert the image.
    • Click the Video icon next to the image icon to insert video in the content.
    • Click the emoji icon to add emojis to your post.
    • To attach a HubSpot-hosted blog post or landing page to your post, click the attach icon and select the blog post or landing page, then click OK. This will insert the title and link of your content directly into your social post.
    • Add hashtags to your posts using the # symbol

    Target countries or languages for a Facebook post

    If you're creating a Facebook post, you can target specific countries or languages.

    • Click Public audience.
    • In the new box, in Location, you can enter up to five countries to target. In Language, you can also enter up to five languages to target.
    • Click Apply.

    Preview your post

    Previewing your post before publishing it will confirm that it appears as you'd expect it to once it's published.

    Once you finish editing the content of your post, click the Preview button below your post.

    Publish, schedule, or draft your post

    • Click the dropdown When. You can select a specific date and time, or click Publish now to publish the social post immediately.

    • You can also select a HubSpot campaign to associate with the social post. At the bottom, click the Campaign dropdown menu and select a campaign or click Create a new campaign.

    • Once you have done all the setting, you can choose to publish another post or publish to another social account by clicking the corresponding social icon next to Schedule another. 

    • In the bottom left, click Schedule post or Publish post now to publish the post immediately or Save as draft to save the post as in the draft.