How you can create custom social publishing in HubSpot

Through HubSpot's social tool, you can post social posts immediately, at a custom time, or on a default publishing schedule. You can also customize the publishing schedule to schedule your social posts based on when you expect the post to get the most engagement.

Set up the custom social publishing schedule

  • Click the settings icon in the main navigation bar in your HubSpot account.
  • Go to Marketing > Social.
  • Click the Publishing tab.
  • Hover over a day you want to add a publish time to, then click Add time.
  • In the new box, refer to the published times that you noted down and select a time and any additional days of the week you want this time to apply to.

  • Once done, click Apply.

  • To delete an existing publish time, hover over the time and click the trash can icon to delete.
  • To vary your publish times so that posts are published within 10 minutes of the scheduled time so that it looks like a human is publishing the post, click the toggle Publish like a human on.

Determine the favorable times to schedule social posts

To get a better idea that which time works best for publishing the social posts, you can review the Top Posts report and the data on the Published tab of the Social dashboard.

Review Top Social Posts report

  • Go to Marketing > Social in your HubSpot account.
  • Click the Analyze tab.
  • Scroll down to Top posts. Click the dropdown  Filter by to filter the posts by most interactions, most impressions, most clicks, or most shares.
  • To view the post time of one of your top posts, click on the post. In the left side panel, publish time is mentioned below the content of the post.

Analyze and filter the published social posts

If you want to get more data on optimal publish times based on all your social posts, you can filter and review publish times on your Social dashboard:

  • Go to Marketing > Social in your HubSpot account.
  • Click Managed > Published tab, set the filter to All networks, and don't select any campaign.

  • Click the Clicks column header at the top of the table to sort the published social posts by the number of clicks received.
  • See the Time column to see the date and time when the posts were published. Note down the publish times of the 10 most frequently clicked posts to see what time of day works best.
  • Posts with high interactions, such as likes and comments, can also be chosen to factor in.  Note down the publish times of the 10 social posts with the most interactions and clicks.