How you can create custom funnel reports

Custom reports give you more flexibility in analyzing objects and activities in your HubSpot account. Funnel reports help you to analyze the conversion rates between stages, whether it be in a lifecycle or a deal pipeline, or in a custom event funnel.

Contacts or deals funnel

Create a funnel report to view how contacts or deals are moving through lifecycle or deal stages over time. 

  • Go to Reports > Reports in your HubSpot account.
  • Click Create custom report.
  • Select Funnels in the left panel.
  • Select Contacts or Deals, then click Next.
  • Click the pencil icon to edit the report's name. 
  • Click Filters in the upper left corner to select properties to narrow down records and specify the date range for the report. The report will only include contacts or deals with a create date within the specified date range. Use the AND and OR logic filter down the records.
  • Select a chart type: Funnel barColumn, or Table.
  • Under Configure funnel, click the dropdown Add stage to select stages to include in the report. Drag and drop stages to reorder them. To remove a stage, click the x to the right.
  • Click the dropdown all to select one of the two types of funnel reports:
    • All: report on contacts or deals that have ever moved through all the stages you've selected within the specified date range. Select this option if you want to include conversion rates between each stage.
    • Any: report on contacts or deals that have ever gone through any of the stages you've selected within the specified date range.
  • Click Export in the upper right corner to export the report data. Select the File type, enter the email address and then click Export.
  •  Click Save to save the report.