How you can create 'Center on a date' or 'Center on a date property' contact-based workflows in HubSpot

Creating Center on a date or Center on a date property contact-based workflows allows you to schedule and execute workflow actions relative to a specific date.

Select workflow type

  • Go to Automation > Workflows in your HubSpot account.
  • Click Create workflow in the upper right corner.
  • Select Contact-based from the left panel.
  • Give a name to the workflow from the Name your workflow.
  • In the right panel, Under Choose type in the left panel,  select Center on a date or Center on a date property
    • In Center on a date, click the dropdown Date of event and select the date the workflow actions will revolve around.
    • In Center on a date property, click the dropdown Contact date property and select the contact date property the workflow actions will revolve around.
  • Click Next.
  • If you want the workflow actions to recur annually based on the date or date property, click the box Specify a date and select the checkbox Recur annually in the left panel.
  • Click Save.

Set enrollment criteria

When a contact meets the enrollment criteria, they'll automatically be enrolled in the workflow. If you only want to enroll contacts manually, leave the enrollment trigger box blank.

  • Click Set enrollment triggers in the workflow editor. Select a filter type for the enrollment trigger in the right panel. Select the criteria, then click Apply filter
  • By default, contacts will only be enrolled in a workflow the first time they meet the enrollment triggers.
  • To enable re-enrollment to click the Re-enrollment tab in the right sidebar and the Allow re-enrollment checkbox.
  • Click Save.
  • To set the date and time the next action will execute, click the Delay schedule and timing box.
  • Select date and time in the right panel.
  • Click Save.

Add actions

  • Click the plus icon + to add more workflow actions.
  • Select an action in the right panel. 
  • Set up the details of the action, then click Save
  • Click the plus icon + to add more workflow actions.

    Manage settings

    • Click the Settings tab to manage the workflow's settings.
    •  Under General, select days and times that you want actions to execute.
    • Click +Add days if you wnat to pause the workflow for a specific date.
    • Choose campaign to associate your workflow to a campaign
    • Click Save.

    Turn on your workflow

    • Click Review in the upper right.
    • Choose to enroll records that currently meet the criteria or only enroll records that meet the criteria in the future:
      • Select No, only enroll [objects] which meet the trigger criteria after turning the workflow on to only enroll records that meet the enrollment triggers after the workflow is turned on.
      • Select Yes, enroll existing [objects] which meet the trigger criteria as of now to enroll existing records that meet the enrollment triggers.
      • Review workflow settings, then click Turn on.
    • After turning on the workflow, you can view the workflow history to monitor the records that are enrolled.