How you can create and edit Sequence in HubSpot

The sequences tool in HubSpot allows you to send a series of targeted, timed email templates to contacts to nurture them over time. With this tool, you can also create automatic tasks to remind you to follow up with your contacts. When a contact that has enrolled in the sequence reply to the email or book a meeting, they will automatically be unenrolled from the sequence.

Create a sequence

You can create a sequence using both email templates and task reminders. The delay between sequence steps can also be customized so that emails and tasks execute when you want them to.

  • Go to Automation > Sequences in your HubSpot account.
  • Click Create Sequence.
  • You can either select a pre-made sequence template or Start from scratch  Then, click Create sequence.
  • Click the edit pencil icon in the sequence editor and enter a name for the sequence.

Add steps to the sequence

  • Click the plus icon to add a step to the sequence
  • Select an action in the right panel. You can add automated emails or create task reminders.

To send an automated email, click Automated email

  • Click Create new email template.
  • Click dropdown Existing email templates to filter existing templates, or search and select template from the search bar.
  • If you are not keeping automated email the first step in the sequence, then use the dropdown above the email template and set the number of days or weeks that should pass before the next email sends.

To create a task reminder, click EmailCall, or To-do

  • Enter a title for the task.
  • Click the dropdown Priority to mark the task as high priority.
  • Click the dropdown Queue to add the task to a queue.
  • In the Notes field, enter task details. Format the text using toolbar at the bottom.
  • If you're creating an email task reminder, You can also add an email template to the follow-up task while creating. When completing the task on the contact record, the email template will automatically populate in the email composer window.
  • Click Add email template.
  • To filter your existing templates, click the Existing email templates dropdown menu, or use the search bar to lookup a template. Then, select a template from the list.
  • Click Add.
  • To set the number of days or weeks that should pass before the task executes, after adding the task step, use the dropdown menus to set a delay. If you want a task to execute immediately after an email is sent, select Create task immediately

Create task reminder with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If your HubSpot account is integrated with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can create a task reminder to send an InMail or send a connection request. When your task in queue is completed, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator will open on the contact's record so you can send the InMail or connection request.


  • Click Sales Navigator - Send InMail or Sales Navigator - Connection request in the right panel.
  • Give a title to the the task.
  • Click the dropdown Priority to mark the task as high priority, 
  • Click the dropdown Queue to add the task to a queue,
  • Enter the task details in the Notes field. You can also  enter the message in the notes field that you would include in your InMail or connection request.
  • Add further steps in sequence

    To Edit Sequence  

  • Go to Automation > Sequences in your HubSpot account.
  • Hover over the sequence name in sequence dashboard and click Edit
  • To re-order the steps in the sequence, click the dropdown Actions in the top corner of the email or task template, and select Move up or Move down
  • To edit the task, click the dropdown Actions menu and select Edit task.
  • To remove a step from your sequence, click the dropdown Actions menu and select Delete.
  • Once you have finished editing your sequence steps:
    •  Click Save existing to apply the changes you have made.
To create an entirely new sequence that includes the changes you just made, click Make copy. Enter a name for the new sequence, then click Save

Sequence settings

Once you have added steps to the sequence, you can edit the sequence settings. These settings do not apply to the first step in the sequence; but only apply to the emails and tasks that execute after the first step. 

  • Click the Settings tab in sequence editor.
  • Follow-up emails in sequence are set to be send on business days by default. If you want to send emails on Saturday and Sunday, switch off the toggle Send emails and create tasks on business days on
  • Edit sequencesly.
  • If you want each email in the sequence to thread together in the recipient's inbox, switch on the toggle Thread follow-up emails as replies switch on.
  • To customize the timing of each follow-up email send in the sequence, use the Send automated emails between time pickers to set a time range. 
  • Sequences tasks are created at the start of your account's calendar day, which is based on the time zone selected when enrolling contacts, and are included in the Tasks daily digest email. To receive an email reminder each time a task is created in a sequence:
    • Click to toggle the Get an email reminder for each task switch on. 
    • Use the time picker to select the default time when you'll receive the task reminder. 
  • When a contact replies to a sequence email, you can unenroll all contacts with the same company email address from the sequence. Switch on the toggle Unenroll contacts from the same company switch on.
  • Click Save.