How you can create and edit Call-to-Action (CTA) in HubSpot

A call-to-action (CTA) is a button that you can use on your website to guide the visitors towards the goal conversion. A CTA is the part of the landing page that prompts a user to take the action that you want to take them. Pages with a strong CTA button will generate more conversions than the pages with a weak one. CTAs should be visually attractive and easily visible to the visitors on your pages and emails.

How to create a CTA 

  • Go to Marketing > Lead Capture > CTAs in your HubSpot account.
  • Click Create CTA in the top right corner.

To create Custom CTA Button

  • In the new window, select Custom Button.
  • You can now customize the CTA's style:
    • Button content: this is the text that will display on the CTA button.
    • Button style: click the dropdown to select a style for the CTA button. 
    • Button colour: here, you can choose the colour for the CTA button.
Advanced options: click Advanced options to customize your CTA's pixel padding and CSS styling.

In CTA options:
  • CTA internal name: only you and the users in your account will see this name of the CTA.
  • URL Redirect type: click the dropdown and select the option wherever you want to redirect the CTA button.
  •  External website URL: it will link your CTA to an external page outside of HubSpot. Enter the website URL in Enter URL.
  • HubSpot page or blog post: it will link your CTA to one of your HubSpot pages or blog posts. Click the dropdown to use the HubSpot page or blog.
  • Meeting link: it will link your CTA to a HubSpot meeting link. Select the meeting link in the dropdown Choose a meeting link.
  • File link: it will link your CTA to a file in your file manager. Click Browse files and choose a file. Select the checkbox Open page in new window if you want your visitors to view the image in a new browser window. 
  • Email address: it will create a mail to link. Enter the email address in Enter the email address.
  • Phone number: it will create a link to call the specified phone number.
  • Link a HubSpot campaign: associate your CTA analytics with a campaign, click the dropdown, and select a campaign. 
Click Save.
  • The CTA you have created will now appear in the Finish option. Click the pencil icon to edit the internal name.

  • Finish:
    click to save your CTA. 

  • Create smart version:
    click to create a smart CTA. 
  • Create multivariate test: click if you want to A/B test your CTA. 

To create Image CTA Button

  • In the new window, select Image Button
    • Click Upload to select an image file from your device. 
    • Click Browse images to select an image from your file manager.
    • Adjust the Width and Height of the image button. Enter the Alt text for the image.
    • Click Next.
  • How to Edit a CTA 
  • Go to Marketing > Lead Capture > CTAs in your HubSpot account.
  • Hover over the CTA name that you want to edit.
  • Click the dropdown Actions and select Edit.
  • In ion new slide-in-window, you can edit your CTA.
  • You can also perform the following actions to the CTA:
    • Create multivariate test: create a second version of your CTA to test version A and version B with your contacts and visitors.  
    • Create smart version: create a smart CTA.
    • View details: see analytics for the CTA like the number of views, clicks, and submissions.
    • Clone: create a copy of the CTA. 
    • Embed code: add the CTA to one of your external pages by copying and pasting the embed code.
    • Assign users and teams: choose which users and teams have access to this content. 
    • Delete: delete the CTA.