How you can create and conduct a Customer Support Survey in HubSpot

Customer Effort Score (CES) is used to measures the ease of a user's customer support experience. CES is based on a seven-point scale ranging from Strongly Agree to Strongly disagree. You can create and conduct a customer support survey to let your customers core their experience with one of your support representatives.

Set up a Customer Support Survey

  • Go to Service > Feedback Surveys in your HubSpot account.
  • To create a customer support survey, hover over the Customer Support card and click View Feedback
  • Click Edit Survey in the top right corner.


Customize the branding and appearance of your survey:

  • Click the Survey language dropdown menu and select the language you want the survey to be in.
  • Select the Company Name the recipient will see in the survey question and email footer.
  • Set the From name and From address for the survey. Any name and address of any user in your account can be selected.
  • Enter the subject line. You can also insert a personalization token in the subject. 
  • Click the toggle the Featured image switch on and click Replace.
  • Choose a default colour or a customize the colour.
  • In the right panel, preview the email or website survey.
  • Click the Feedback tab to continue


In the left panel, customize the follow-up questions based on the score they gave.

  • Click the DifficultNeutral, and Easy tabs to customize the thank you message for each type of response. In each tab:
  • Click the 1 - 3 Difficult and write the message for customers who gave a low score.
  • Click the 4 - 5 Neutral and write the message for customers who gave a neutral score.
  • Click the 6 - 7 Easy and write the message for customers who gave a high score.
  • Click the ThankYou tab to continue

Thank You 

Customize the thank you message that a customer will see after submitting the survey response:

  • Click the UnhappyNeutral, and Happy tabs to customize the thank you message for each type of response. In each tab:
  • Write a header for your thank you message in the Header text.
  • Write a thank you message in the Body text.
  • Preview the thank you messages in the right panel.
  • Click the Recipients tab to continue.


Choose who gets the survey:

Click the dropdown and select which ticket pipelines to add the support survey to. The survey will be sent to customers when their tickets close, so you can only choose pipelines with a closed state
  • Select Immidiately to send the survey as soon as the ticket closed.
  • Select Add delay to add a delay to the survey email send as the ticket closes. Click the dropdown to select days or hours for the delay.
  • Click the dropdown Who gets notified about new survey responses? and select users and/or teams to receive submission notifications via email.
  • Click the Automation tab to continue. 


    • To set up follow-up actions based on survey responses, click Create workflow below the 1 - 3 Difficult, 4 - 5 Neutral, and/or 6 - 7 Easy sections.
    • Select the Create workflow to create a workflow. choose the actions from the right panel.

    Preview and Publish

    • Preview how your survey will appear on the desktop, tablet, and mobile, from the Preview button.
    • Send yourself a version of an email survey or view the survey on a test web page from the Test survey button. 
    • Once done with the settings, click Review and Publish.
    • Click Publish to take your survey live.