Clear - Table Module

The Table module is very important for every website. With the table section, user can display the various kinds of content to their viewers. It provide visual table interface that makes it easy and fun to create without using any coding.

Watch the video below, where you can learn how to Customize and edit the clear Table Module easily.


Let's see how it Works:-

Edit heading:-

In this section , we get the option to change the content, heading style, description , subheading content and subheading style.


Edit  Table Module:-

With this option, we can add the  title to the table add number of columns by clicking on +Add  and further  can edit clone or delete column as per their requirements. 


Here we can update/change the following things:-
- Add the table title
- Add the number of column
- Add the number of rows
- Style table rows
- Table setting and its style

Table Module Variation:-

You can creates its various version like two column, three column,  one row, two row contents as per your requirements as shown in below images-



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