Clear Popover Module

Adding a beautiful looking popover effect to text, buttons or images has never been simpler with the Popover element from Builder and Clear. Customize colors, backgrounds, and positions, as well as how users interact with it.

Watch the video below, where you can learn how to customize and edit the Popover module easily.

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Let's see how its Work:-

Edit Popover Clear:-

In the first setting, we have to add the heading title text and Replace the image.


Popover Placement:-

With this option, we can place the popover text as per the use. the user can set the popover text as per the use as a top, bottom, right, and left.


Trigger Options:-

This option is used to Add the click feature. Here we have the different use of a trigger. And the user can choose between click and hover.


General Settings:-

This setting is used to style the module. the user gets many options to style the layout and color.

image-overIn these settings, we get the following features:-

- Add the background-color
- Add the border-color
- Add the box-shadow color
- Add the border Radius
- Align the text
- Change the title color
- Add the background-color
- Add the bottom Color
- Update the font size
- Save and Apply