Clear Image Module

An Image Module the idea of an image, allowing you to present an image with the custom feature and using captions. This Module is entirely customizable and highly editable without touching the single line of code.

Watch the video below, where you can learn how to customize and edit the Image  Module easily.

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Let's see how it Works:-

Clear Image Module:- This module is used to display images with different styles and animation.

first, we get the options to add the image. With the custom options, we can set the width and height.

Edit following in Advance Setting:-

- Select the entrance Animation
- Add the Delay
- Add the border style
- Adjust the border width
- Add the border-color
- Adjust the border Radius
- Adjust the Box shadow

Hover Effects Settings:-
In this setting, we have many effective options. We can use different hover effects in different images.


Content Settings:-

In the last, we get the option to add the content to the image. So first we get the fields to add the heading content. then add sub-content in the given fields. here also we get the option to add the link also.



Overlay Color:- With this option, we can add the color overlay on the image and also adjust the overlay percentage.