Clear Heading Module

The heading content of every page section is very important. We build a Clear Heading module which we can use in every section of the pages. Here we can design the title, size them and assign the tag like h1 or /h2.

Watch the video below, where you can learn how to Customize and edit the clear Heading Module easily.

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Let's see how it Works:-

Content Settings:-

In this setting the first option, we get the content alignment. Which is helpful to align the content. Then add the heading content. Assign the heading type like <H1>,<H2>,<H3>.


Heading Style:-

In this setting, we get the option to color the font, assign the font size, font weight, text transformation, font style, and line-height.


Advanced Options:-

In the advanced option, we get the settings to align the heading and provide the top, bottom spacing according to use. We Have also the option to add animations in these settings.



Now add the description content. Here we can disable the description when we don't want the description content. Also here we have the options to add the description color.