Clear Form Module

This module is very useful in landing pages. Where we can add the forms for leads. Users can easily add this module on their website or pages and design as per the use without touching a single line of code.

Watch the video below, where you can learn how to Customize and edit the clear Form Module easily.

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Let's see how it Works:- 

Clear Custom Form:-

This custom form is very useful to use. Users can update the form as per the use. All the settings we need to a style a form is available in this module.


Row Setting:-
This option is used to add the background in the form background. the user can easily pick any of the backgrounds for form. And Update the required changes in the from the background.


Please update following for form setting:-
- Adjust the form settings
- Apply form Radius
- Choose the input style
- Use margin-bottom for bottom space
- Use Border bottom option for borders style
- Select the button size
- Add the background-color
- Add the hover color
- Save

Form Settings:- This setting option helps us to style the form. Here we get the many options to change and update the new style.Change-style

Here we get the following options to style the form:-
- Update the form padding
- Set the form Radius
- Select the input
- Set the margin-bottom
- Set the input background-color
- Set the button Color and size
- Save

Custom Form:- This option is used to add the form. Here the user gets the option to add or edit the form according to use.form-style1