Clear Flip Box Module

The Flip Boxes Module is great for grabbing the user’s attention and adding some interaction with your content. Flip Boxes have fully customizable content on the front and backside. They are fully Customizable without using any code user can edit.

Watch the video below, where you can learn how to Customize and edit the clear Flip Box Module easily.

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Let's see how it Works:- 

Edit Flip Box Module:-

In this module set, the first option we get to add the icons. So please select the icons as per the use.


In this module, we get the two options to add the content first is the front content section the and second option is to add the back side content.

Add the front side Content:- This option is helpful to add the heading content and subheading content.

Add the backside content:- In this option, we also have to add the heading and subheading content.

front-&-back content

In the Flip Box settings, we get many options to add the style in the box flip module.

- Choose the flip effects
- Choose the Flip Direction
- Set the Duration


Flip Box general Style Module:-
This module has, provide the width and box size options. the user can easily set the width or can use the range fields for spacing.edit-one1

Flip back style:- This option is used to add the style in the background of the box.
- Add the title font size
- Adjust the line-height
- Assign the font-weight
- Add the title color
- Assign the content style
- Set the background

set- background