Clear Divider Module

The Separator Element comes with 8 different styles: No Style, Single Border Solid, Double Border Solid, Single Border Dashed, Double Border Dashed, Single Border Dotted, and Shadow. Which is very useful to divide the sections.

Watch the video below, where you can learn how to customize and edit the Clear Team Module easily.

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Let's see how it Works:-

Divider Modules Setting:-

Border thickness:- This option is used for the border thickness. we can adjust the thickness as per the use.borderthick


Style Divider:- In this setting, first we give the width as per the use and add the color in the divider.thik-width

Select Border Type: - In this option, we have different types of border types. Now select the border type as per the use. Align the divider with border alignment and give the spacing.thik-app