Clear Blog Listing Module

Nowadays everyone wants at least one blog section on his site or page. We can use a clear blog module for that, just add this module on your page and select your layout and blogs Without a single line of code.

Watch the video below, where you can learn how to Customize and edit the clear Toggle Module easily.

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Let's see how it Works:- 

Select the Blog : - 
In these options, we have to select the blog which we want to display on our page. please enter the name of the blog and select the blog.

blog module

Select Blog Layouts:-
Here first we have to select the layout of the blog. We have the options like Grid full width, large image, and medium image. We can also add the number of Pagination. Users can add or remove the pagination as per the use.

layout blog

Blog filters options:- 
Here we get the option to filter blog by Topics and Author. We can also have the option to hide tags, summary, and author we can use this setting as per the use.

fiter by

Text Style:- We get the option to style the heading, author, buttons, and paginations also.

style color