How you can choose workflow actions in HubSpot

Once you have created a workflow and have set the enrollment triggers, choose the actions for the workflow. Actions are the tasks that the workflow will execute for enrolled records. These actions include timing delays, internal and external communications, and record management. 


Add actions to your workflow

  • Go to Automation > Workflows in your HubSpot account.
  • Click the name of the workflow.
  • Click the plus icon +.
  • Select the action from the right panel, to add to the workflow and set the details of the action.
  • Click Save.

Below are the workflow actions:



Delay for a set amount of time 

This delay can be used when you want to pause all enrolled records for the same amount of time between workflow actions.

Delay until a day or time

This delay can be used when you want an action to execute only on certain days or times. 

Delay until event happens

This delay can be used when you want to pause enrolled records until a specific action is taken.



If/then branch

If/then branch workflows direct enrolled records towards a certain path based on set conditions.

Go to other action

While creating a workflow in HubSpot, you can connect if/then branches with the Go to other action which will streamline the building process of the workflow, especially if you are creating workflows with multiple if/then branches.

Go to other action can only be added within if/then branches, and you can only select actions in other if/then branches. Actions that cannot be selected will be greyed out.

Enroll in another workflow

This action will enroll the record in the current workflow into another active workflow.

If the specific record is already enrolled in the selected workflow, they won't be re-enrolled. 

Trigger a webhook

Trigger a webhook allows the workflow to communicate with the external application. Webhooks can send a HubSpot company's information to an external CRM. 

Internal communication

Automate your internal communication to keep your team informed.



Send an internal email notifications

Send an internal email to a specific user, team, or owner.

Send internal marketing email

Send an automated email to a particular email address, or select a contact property that stores the email address. This is different from the Send internal email action because in this action you can select existing automated emails.

Send an internal SMS

Send a text message to a HubSpot user or a specified number for an enrolled record.

Send in-app notification

Send an in-app notification to the HubSpot users or teams. The notification will be shown in the HubSpot notification center and sent to the HubSpot app as a notification. In a contact-based workflow, this action is known as Send notification.

External communication

This action will help with alerting the contacts associated with the enrolled record.


Send email

using this feature you can send an automated marketing email to the contacts associated with the enrolled record. Select from existing emails, or create a new email by clicking + Create new email.



Rotate record to owner

This action will rotate contacts to the user who was least recently assigned contact in this action.


These actions, when triggered, will create a new record and associate it to the enrolled record. You can select the record associations when setting up the action.


Create record

With create record action, you can create records for the following object types:

  • Companies
  • Deals
  • Tickets 

Create a task

Create a new task when triggered by an enrolled record.

List Management


Add to static list

Add the enrolled contact to a specific static list.

Remove from static list

Remove the enrolled contact to a specific static list.

Ads Management


Add to ads audience

Add contacts to a new ad audience or an existing one.  While selecting an existing audience, you can only choose one that was created in the workflows tool.

Remove from ads audience

While removing contacts from the ads audience, you can only choose from the audiences that were created in the workflows tool.

Property Management

These actions update the properties of the enrolled record.

Set a property value

using this feature, you can either set a property value on the record itself or set a property value in a particular property type.

Copy a property value

Copy a property value of the enrolled record to another property in the same record, or to a property in another object type.

Clear a property value

Clear a value in property using its feature. This can be a property in the enrolled record, or a property in another object type. 

Increase or decrease a property value

Increase or decrease a value in a Number type property of the enrolled record. For example, you can increase the value of a custom number property, Orders bought, for every enrolled company.

Manage subscription status

Customize the subscription status of the enrolled contact. You can select their new opt status for a specific subscription type, the lawful basis for communicating with the contact, and the explanation for this communication consent.