Create and associate companies with contacts in HubSpot

In your HubSpot account, you can associate contacts with companies by matching the domain in a contact's Email address to the company's Company Domain Name.

For example, the contact with the email address "" will be associated to the company with the Domain Name "".

With the setting toggle turned on, HubSpot will automatically generate a company record and feed it with information from HubSpot's database if the company record doesn't already exist in the there.

If the contact has a freemail email account like, HubSpot will also look at the contact's Website URL property to attempt to match the contact with a company's domain name.

You can also opt-out a specific domain from this automatic association.

How to enable automatic association between contacts and companies

To enable the automatic association between contacts and companies:

  • Click the settings icon from the main navigation bar of your HubSpot account.
  • Go to CRM > Contacts & companies in the left sidebar menu. 
  • Click on the tab Companies.
  • Click to toggle Automatically create and associate companies with contacts to switch it on.
  • To opt out a specific domain from the automatic association, click on  Opt a domain out of automatic association.
    • A new window Automatic associations opt out will be opened.
    • Type the domain name.
    • Click Save.