How you can analyze marketing email campaign performance in HubSpot

In HubSpot, you can review the performance of your emails from the email dashboard one you have published and sent marketing emails. You can also analyze the delivery rates and engagement for individually sent emails.

To analyze the performance of a sent email.

  • Go to Marketing > Email in your HubSpot account.
  • Click the name of the email you sent.
  • Click See details.
  • A window with complete email details will be opened.
  • You can see a  high-level overview of email engagement in the Performance tab and details for each recipient in the Recipients tab. 


In the Performance tab you can see how your recipients engaged with your email.

All accounts include the following email performance data:

  • Open rate: this is the percentage of people who have opened your email out of the people you send the email to. An email open is counted open, when the images in the email load, or when the user clicks on a link in the email even if the images don't load.
  • Click rate: this is the percentage of people who clicked a link in your email out of the people you send the email to.
  • Delivery: this is the listing of the number of successful deliveries, bounces, unsubscribes, and spam reports. 
  • HTML click map: it shows a breakdown of your clicked links in the email. Hover over a particular link to view more detailed statistics. 
  • Top clicked links: report shows your top clicked links in the email. Use the tabs in the upper right to view HTML, plain text, or combined links.
  • Top engaged contacts: this report shows the contacts that opened or clicked the email. Click the tabs in the upper right to view top engaged contacts by Clicks or Opens.
  • Time spent viewing email: this report detailed whether your recipients read, skimmed, or glanced at your email. (Some clients, such as Gmail, do not provide this data.)
    • Read: this is the percentage of contacts who opened and viewed the email for at least eight seconds.
    • Skimmed: this is the percentage of contacts who opened and viewed the email for two to eight seconds.
    • Glanced: this is the percentage of contacts who opened and viewed the email for less than two seconds.
  • Engagement over time: this graph shows your email opens and clicks over time. This data can be used to know what times of day are best to reach out to your contacts. To analyze data from a timeframe, click the dropdown All in the upper right.
  • Opens/Clicks by email client: this graph shows you the detailed information about opens and clicks by email client and device type. This information can be used when selecting email clients to test before you prepare to send your next campaign. In the upper right, view engagement by Opens or Clicks.


The Recipients tab gives view of the email's deliverability and engagement with each contact. 

  • Sent: these are the contacts on your selected recipient lists minus exclusion lists. If your email contains multiple recipient lists, HubSpot compiles a conclusive list of contacts and excludes duplicates so that no contact will receive more than one of the same email message.
  • Delivered: these are the contacts whose email server sent HubSpot a reply that the email was delivered.
  • Opened: these are the contacts who have opened the email.
  • Clicked: these are the contacts who have clicked any link in your email except the unsubscribe or subscription preferences links).
  • Bounced: these are the contacts who bounced and didn't receive the email.
  • Unsubscribed: these are the contacts who received the email and opted out of this or all email subscription types. These contacts will be dropped from future emails.
  • Spam reports: these are the contacts that reported the email as spam to their email provider or manually moved the email from their inbox into the junk folder. These contacts will be omitted from further emails.
  • Not sent: contacts who were omitted automatically to protect your email sender reputation. This includes the contacts who previously hard bounced, opted out of the subscription, or marked a previous marketing email as spam. This also includes contacts that haven't confirmed their subscription and contacts omitted due to low engagement.

    Analyze overall email performance

    To analyze your email marketing campaigns, go to your email dashboard and click the Analyze tab.

    Here, you can view the reports of your recipient engagement and delivery data, email performance by device type, email performance over a period of time. You can also review the details of all your marketing emails in the Email Performance dashboard.

    You can use the filters Select a date range, Camapign and Email type to filter the data accordingly.

    Save a report to the reports library

    You can save the Recipient Engagement, Delivery, or Email data chart to the reports library. This will allow you to add the report to the dashboards. In the Analyze tab on email dashboard:

    • Click the dropdown  Actions in the top right corner of a dashboard.
    • Select Save as report.
    • In the new box:
      • Enter a report name.
      • Select the radio button to confirm whether you'd like to add the report to a dashboard:
        • Don't add to dashboard: HubSpot won't add the report to any of your dashboards, but it will save the report to your report library for you to use later.
        • Add to existing dashboard: you can select an existing dashboard and add the report to that.
        • Add to new dashboard: you can create a new custom dashboard by entering a name and selecting a visibility option and then add the report to that new dashboard.
      • Click Save & add.

    Export email performance data

    • Make changes in the Date range, Campaign and Email type as needed.
    • Click Export charts in the upper right.
    • Enter the email you want to send the reports to.
    • Click Export.