How you can add Notice and Consent Information to your HubSpot form

Add notice and consent information on a form to help your contacts understand what they are opting-in to when they will submit the form. This will capture the visitor's consent to the processing of their personal data as well as their consent to receive communication from you.

Even if General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) functionality is not enabled in your HubSpot account, there is an option in the forms and pop-up forms called Notice and consent / legitimate interest (GDPR). You can select from three options to set up how you wish to capture a contact's consent to process information and consent to communicate on the form.

When the contact fills out the form with notice and consent information, the Legal basis for processing contact's data property will be set to Freely given consent from contact and Lawful basis to communicate will appear in the subscriptions section of the contact record.

Add the notice and consent option to the Regular form

    • Go to Marketing > Lead Capture > Forms in your HubSpot account.
    • Create a new form or edit an existing form.
    • Click to expand GDPR options in the left panel, then click the dropdown.


  • Add the notice and consent option to Pp-up form

    • Go to Marketing > Lead Capture > Forms in your HubSpot account
    • Create a new form or edit an existing form.
    • Click the Callout tab, under What should the button link to?, select Form step
    • Click Next.
    • Click the dropdown Notice and consent / legitimate Interest (GDPR) in the left panel.

In the dropdown menu, select one of the following options:

Consent checkbox for communications; form submit as consent to process

Consent checkboxes for communications and processing

    Legitimate interest