How you can add File Uploaded field in HubSpot forms

Add a file upload field to the form

HubSpot lets your users upload one or more files with their form submissions by including a file upload field on your form. The file size limits for file upload fields are 100MB for a single file and 500MB in total for multiple files.

  • Go to Marketing > Lead Capture > Forms in your HubSpot account.
  • Hover over the form name, click Edit.
  • In the left side panel, go to Create a new field, drag the File field on to your form. 
  • In the new box, click the dropdown Group to select a property group. Enter the Label and a Description for the field. Click Next.
  • Click Create.
  •  To allow user to upload multiple files, hover over the file upload field and click the Edit icon.
  • In the new left panel opened, select the Allow multiple files checkbox. 
  • Click Update.